Andy's House of [Blank]

World Premiere
by Paul Strickland & Trey Tatum
Know Theatre of Cincinnati, 2015

Director - Bridget Leak
Scenic Designer, Charge, Prop Master - Sarah Beth Hall
Lighting Designer - Andrew J. Hungerford
Costume Designer - Noelle Wedig
Sound Designer - Douglas Borntrager

Photography by Dan R. Winters and Sarah Beth Hall

“Florala. That’s where you are when you head down the ramp to see the Know Theatre’s production of Andy’s House of [Blank]. It’s set on the state line between Florida and Alabama, but it’s recreated in two-dimensional cardboard props (telephones and ice cream cones) and decorations (comically taxidermies animals, including the backside of a dog) imaginatively designed and executed by Sarah Beth Hall.”
--Rick Pender, Cincinnati CityBeat

“For the Serials performances, the props were constructed out of cardboard. Scenic designer and charge Sarah Beth Hall has taken that concept to the nth degree, cluttering Andy’s shop with an amazing array of two- and three-dimensional objects.”--Rob Bucher, Behind The Curtain Cincinnati